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January 03, 2015  •  3 Comments

I have never done a blog before but it seems worthwhile to post some information if I am going to share 'Special' Images from 2014. All of the following images represent some sort of personal growth , challenge met or noteworthy  (if accidental) discovery. A few were taken outside of 2014 but not 'developed' until this year.  I would love to hear what you think and hope you enjoy looking my little collection.  I wish you great success in your 2015 photographic endeavors!

Spalding Pond MossSpalding Pond Moss

Photo 1:  Spalding Pond Moss

This was my  try at using the Oil filter in Photoshop. I liked the outcome and thought it worked with the water. Most viewers either like it or don't.


Dogwood TrioDogwood TrioLight Box creation


Photo 2: Dogwood Trio 

A friend does these Lightbox images all the time and they are always beautiful so I was inspired to try one.


Accidental WaterColorAccidental WaterColorI kind of like this accidental exposure.

Photo 3: Accidental Watercolor

This is as titled, an accidental, overexposed image that caught my attention when I went to delete it.  I should do more of these.


Glowing HillGlowing Hill

Photo 4: Glowing Hill

I borrowed a lens with an f/2.8 aperture so that I could shoot the stars  quickly enough to eliminate most  motion. Having lightning in the distance and clouds moving off revealing the stars made for a nice after dark picture.

Night TapestryNight TapestryNight life in San Juan del Sur

Photo 5:  Night Tapestry  

I took multiple shots with my Canon G1 X from our 3rd story balcony of the night street life in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Later I ran them through Photomatix and thought this image captured the vibrancy of the evening ( though I regret not getting the young boys playing ball in the streets).

IntrospectionIntrospectionAccepted for 2015 Rogue Valley Biennial

Photo 6:  Introspection 

 This was a fun image and done in response to an assignment called 'Inner Child'. Photoshop Motion and Glass filters are primarily responsible for the final look. It is a photo Rorschach of sorts.

Courier CrossroadsCourier CrossroadsAccepted for 2015 Rogue Valley Biennial


Photo 7: Courier Crossroads   

I wanted this image to convey the precarious state of newsprint in today's world. I thought the Angle  gradient used here helped to do that along with a 'Difference' blend mode.

Starry EclipseStarry Eclipse


Photo 8: Starry Eclipse

This was my second attempt at lining up the beautiful blood moon  lunar  eclipse against a suitable background and I am reasonably  happy at the way it turned out.



It's hard to pick a favorite - they're all so beautiful. The glowing hill reminds me of summer nights outdoors so that one is the most enchanting to me.
Nomeca Hartwell Photography
thanks for the feedback Ozzie!
Nice stuff Nomeca. I really like the variety of your photography. I particularly liked the Dogwood Trio and the Glowing Hill. Nice work!
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