Rogue Valley Biennial ( Contemporary Art in So. Oregon)

February 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

I rushed off to my own Artist's Reception at the Rogue Gallery in Medford,OR  Friday  evening.   Marcia and I were able to drive straight to the backdoor and arrived in time to hear the 3  'judges awards' announced.  The  juried work by some 47 odd artists was nicely displayed and the selection of the awards was interesting but almost obvious in hindsight as they all had  a sculptural 3-D dimension which made them stand out from all the 2 dimensional work.  I do regret not taking photos of the winning work but since the show runs through April 10th that might be remedied.  

I entered 3 pieces. .. all of which were accepted:  IntrospectionIntrospectionaccepted Rogue Valley 2015 Biennial Courier CrossroadsCourier CrossroadsAccepted for 2015 Rogue Valley Biennial

No More Street Vendors!No More Street Vendors!Guatemalean Indian vendors protesting against fellow native street peddlers who do not pay store rent, etc demanding that the Mayor do something about the situation. Framed image accepted into 2015 Rogue Valley Biennial.

and had in-depth  conversations with Gallery visitors who showed an interest in my images, particularly re the story  of the Mayan women protesting unfair selling advantages of the Mayan street vendors  in  Antigua.   I also enjoyed talking to another woman whose husband had a big beautiful  Wyeth- like painting in the exhibit and was extremely flattered when she told me that my 'Introspection' was a favorite of hers in the show.

I had fully expected to see some work from the Medford Photographic group but none was in sight. The only other photography entries I can recall were some large portraits of  African children by Dr. Jorizzo from the Eye Clinic.  It turns out Dr. Jorizzo is Marcia's eye doctor  and I found it interesting  to read the following about his work on the clinic site : 'Passionate about giving back, Dr. Jorizzo works with the Himalayan Cataract Project, an international aid organization whose mission is to cure blindness in underdeveloped regions of the world'.

The 2 hours flew by .. we sipped wine , ate crackers with salami and cheese , tried various desserts including  a delicious cookie that I suspect came from Harry & David's... observed  current fashion trends among the Medford ladies...Marcia obligingly took a few photos of me with my work.. and I felt well rewarded for all the effort that culminated in  the 2015 Biennial. 




Congratulations for this amazing event !!
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