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By The Light of The Moon _Wild_18_1934-1934-2 copygold Beach Night Harbor_Wild__22_3451 copyApplegate Starlight2_Wild2_Seq_22_3245Chaos Crags Under Starlight_Seq_22_2853 copyApplegate Lake Smoky August Stars_Seq_22_3123Chaos Crags Under Starlight_Seq_22_2853Ghostly Beach_CCC_Mono_21_0976Stars over Sloan Mtn2 &2a._ 21_0867_2Mr. Magoo (Clown)Whaleshead September StarsStars In Her EyesAugust Stars Over GalesvilleMoonsetCentury CometLassen Lightshow3Whaleshead September StarsMt. Lassen MoonsetCathedral Hill StarsLake Shastina Jupiter riseSummit Lake Stars